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Super Snuggler XXXL Pet Bed
Super Snuggler XXXL Pet Bed
Super Snuggler XXXL Pet Bed
Super Snuggler XXXL Pet Bed
Super Snuggler XXXL Pet Bed
Super Snuggler XXXL Pet Bed

Super Snuggler XXXL Pet Bed

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Curl up in comfort with your furry friend: Big enough for you and your pet, snuggle up into this bed’s high density cotton filling, generous size and plush, comfy covers. The Pupnaps XXXL Snuggler Bed is designed to give you and your furry friend a place to relax. 

Helps relieve anxiety: Its plump and thick padding efficiently supports joints. The plush, round base of the bed hugs into your pet's body; reducing anxiety and giving them extra comfort. The elevated rim serves as a headrest and neck support and gives your pup an extra level of security. 

Plush extra large bed: At 170x42cm, this is, without a doubt The World’s Biggest Pet Bed. The soft fabric on its cover reminds your pup of their mother's touch, which helps for anxiety relief, restful sleep and a happier, healthier pup. The non-skid base secures the bed in one place at all times.

Comfortable for all seasons: This pet bed is warm in winter and cool in summer. Made resilient against everyday wear-and-tear. Suitable for dogs of most sizes. The perfect space for cuddling and snuggling. Join your pet as they sink into their cosy place.

Machine washable cover: Just throw it in the washing machine, the plush cover is easy to attach and reattach too, so you don’t struggle putting the covers back.

Easily Storable: We know that from time to time you need some extra space so our Super Snuggler comes with its very own carry case and strap. Simply fold the bed up and store it away when not required.

Did you know that many of our competitors ship straight from China which can take over 20 business days 😱

*Due to the size and cost of the Super Snuggler, free shipping & returns are NOT applicable and will be up to the customer to pay* 

Pupnaps Calming Pet Bed
Sizing Guide

if your pets is in-between sizes, size up for extra comfort!





Extra Large

Pet Breed

Cat, Puppy, Sausage dog, Toy Poodle

Pugs, Small Cavoodle, Maltese Shih Tzu

Large Cavoodle, Labrador, Kelpie

German Shepherd, Great Dane


Base 30cm, Outer 60cm

Base 45cm, Outer 75cm

Base 60cm, Outer 90cm

Base 90cm, Outer 120cm

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