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Pupnaps Shedding Gloves
Pupnaps Shedding Gloves
Pupnaps Shedding Gloves
Pupnaps Shedding Gloves
Pupnaps Shedding Gloves

Pupnaps Shedding Gloves

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These gloves remove shedding fur and excess hair. With their non-abrasive bristles, you can also use them to massage your pet. The soft bristles mimic the feel of your touch over your pet's skin. These gloves work efficiently for grooming, de-shedding and bathing pets while keeping your hands clean. 

Suitable for most pets. Our shedding gloves work amazingly on long and short hairs. The well-spaced bristles are great at untangling matted coats. Use them to shed furs from cats or dogs. You can also use them to groom horses, cows and other pets. Pupnaps Shedding Gloves are designed to gently remove undercoats, mats and tangles. 

Cleaner spaces for you. It is inevitable for your pet to leave tiny tufts of themselves around the house. Use these gloves to pick up fur from furniture, floors and rugs. The bristles added to the fingers make it easier to work on hard-to-reach areas.  

Better shedding experience. If your pet loves massages and belly rubs, then these gloves are definitely for them. Use it for bath time scrubs or to de-shed or remove loose hairs.  

Lightweight and convenient to wear. Made of flexible silicone and rubber materials. The insides of these gloves have a breathable mesh design which makes them comfy to wear in hand. These gloves are also hypo-allergenic and mildew-resistant.

Easy to use and clean. Just slip these on your hands like regular gloves. Hairs and furs will stick to the rubber side of the gloves. You can simply peel away the accumulated hair, dirt and gunk. Clean with water and air dry for next use.

How to clean: To clean your gloves, rub them together, rinse with water and air dry. They’re made of silicone so avoid using harsh chemicals as they may ruin the material. These gloves can also be machine washed. 


Material: Silicone & Rubber
Weight: 135 grams

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