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Pupnaps Brain Trainer
Pupnaps Brain Trainer
Pupnaps Brain Trainer
Pupnaps Brain Trainer
Pupnaps Brain Trainer
Pupnaps Brain Trainer

Pupnaps Brain Trainer

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Mental stimulation for dogs is an incredibly important aspect of their health.

A statement backed by veterinarians, behaviourists, and pup researchers. With that in mind, we developed our Pupnaps Brain Trainer Toy as a revolutionary new way to feed your dog, while treating boredom and anxiety.

Boredom Cure: For pet parents worried that their dog is bored, our brain trainer toy will provide entertainment to cure boredom and relax your pup.

Perfect For Anxious Pups: Leaving your dog at home alone can be tough. Our brain trainer toy can fit 1.5 cups of dry food (a full meal), giving your dogs physical and mental stimulation while you’re away.

Adjustable Food Window: As your dog begins to understand the toy, it will be easier for them to get the food. With that in mind, we equipped the toy with an adjustable food window so you can increase the difficulty of the toy with time.

Bite & Drop Resistant: The Pupnaps Brain Trainer is incredibly durable and is completely resistant to drops and bites from overactive pups.

Easy to Clean: We made our toy with you and your pup in mind! The brain trainer is completely detachable and incredibly easy to clean between uses. It’s developed with food grade material that is FDA approved to ensure your pup is safe.

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Pupnaps Calming Pet Bed
Sizing Guide

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Extra Large

Pet Breed

Cat, Puppy, Sausage dog, Toy Poodle

Pugs, Small Cavoodle, Maltese Shih Tzu

Large Cavoodle, Labrador, Kelpie

German Shepherd, Great Dane


Base 30cm, Outer 60cm

Base 45cm, Outer 75cm

Base 60cm, Outer 90cm

Base 90cm, Outer 120cm

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