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Pet Calming Vest
Pet Calming Vest

Pet Calming Vest

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These revolutionary Calming Vests  provide gentle pressure to your pets body to help calm them down in situations of fear, anxiety or over excitement.

Why a calming vest? For many years anxiety experts have stated that evenly applied pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system, which then may allow the release of endorphins.

Large velcro pads allow for size and comfort adjustment and a logo on the front to locate the correct way to fit these vests make them a necessity for all house holds with pups that need a little extra help to calm down.

Size   Recommended Breed
Small  Jack Russell, Shitzu, Maltese, Pug etc.
Large Kelpie, Labrador, German Shepherd etc.

Currently vests are available for small and medium size dogs in Calming Grey.

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