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Working From Home? Here's How To Stay Comfy!

If you’re one of the millions of Aussies who are working from home right now, you’ll love today’s email. As we move towards an age where WFH becomes the norm, being comfortable becomes one of our top priorities. Here are some top tips to help you…

1. Dress for success

Research has shown that the way we dress can affect our mood, and even our productivity. Just because you have that important video call later, doesn’t mean you have to wear awkward office clothes. Put on a smart shirt and leave your bottom half comfy in joggers. You’ll feel amazing on that call! Don’t work in your PJs all day! For maximum productivity, strike a balance between looking and feeling good.


2. Get the ergonomics right

Sit with your back supported and straight - use cushions to add support to the lower back if needed. Your computer screen should be at eye level to avoid hunching or straining your neck. Use books to elevate your laptop if needed. If you’re not comfy, ask your employer if they can provide a chair or desk you can work at - nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?



3. Don’t forget your doggo!

Your pup has to get used to you working from home, and you’ll need to keep them happy and calm all day so that you can get on with work. The solution? A Pupnaps Calming Dog Bed.

  • Rounded cushioned design that relaxes your dog the moment they sink into it
  • Outer rim that cradles tired heads and acts as a calming barrier to the outside world
  • Faux fur design mimics the soothing feel of the mother doggo Super easy removable, machine washable cover

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