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The Best Way To Groom Your Pup

Grooming your dog can help to remove dirt and debris on your pup’s coat, restoring its shine and removing any bad smells. But with the current pandemic situation, you may not get to the groomer’s any time soon. In today’s email, we’re going to show you how to groom your pup at home with minimal effort…

  1. Brush regularly 

Even if you’re going to bathe your dog, a good thorough brushing should come first. Get your pup to stand on an old blanket or go outside in the yard, and brush the entire coat thoroughly with a good quality dog brush. This will remove dirt, dander, loose fur and dust from the coat. Experts recommend doing this weekly to keep the coat in great condition. 

  1. Bathing dos and don’ts 

Only bathe your dog occasionally when, for example, the coat gets too smelly. If the bath is too tricky, you could try taking your pup into the yard and using the garden hose on a lukewarm temperature.

  • Give your dog plenty of treats throughout the bathing session to make it an enjoyable experience. 
  • Avoid the head area as  that area is quite sensitive. 
  • Massage the coat with a hypoallergenic shampoo that’s specifically made for dogs - don’t try human shampoo as it will be too harsh. Rinse thoroughly afterwards as any residue will cause irritation. 
  • Most dogs can be towel dried afterwards and the coat can be left to air dry. Avoid hair dryers wherever possible as they are too hot for animals.


  1. Nail clipping 

Nail trimming is usually best done by a professional, but if you're confident and you have the right tools, you could give it a try.

  • Use specially designed nail clippers or an electric nail grinder and  trim as carefully as possible.
  • For dogs with white nails, clip until you see the pink part (known as the "quick"). 
  • For dogs with black nails, clip a tiny bit at a time until you see a solid black dot on the tip.



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