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National Pet Fire Safety Day

It’s National Pet Fire Safety Day, and we wanted to reach out and show you some ways to keep your pup safe. Here are some great tips for you and your doggo…

1. Put out open flames 

Your pup is naturally curious and will want to investigate flames coming from candles, cookers, or even your fireplace. Make sure you never leave them unattended near an open flame and always put a fire guard over an open fireplace. 


2. Keep young pets secure 

If you have a young pup, make sure they’re in a safe place with no fire hazards before leaving the house. Use baby gates or a crate to keep them safe. Be sure that they don’t have access to cooker knobs, for example, which are the number 1 cause of pet related fires.


3. Use a smoke detector 

If you can. Use a smoke detector that automatically contacts a monitoring center so firefighters can be contacted when you’re not home. This adds an extra layer of protection for your pets.



4. Consider flameless candles 

Switch to using electric candles instead of ones with a real flame, especially at times like Christmas when candles are used widely.



5. Keep pets collared 

Make sure your pets are collared at all times, and keep their leashes out in a visible place in case pets need to be rescued from fire. When you’re not home, keep pets in rooms that are close to entrances where firefighters can find them easily. 



We hope you found these tips useful!

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