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How To Combat Doggy Breath

If you’ve ever experienced doggy breath up close, you’ll know that it’s not pleasant. But there are ways to deal with it. Here are some great tips for keeping your pup’s breath as fresh as possible....

  • Brush regularly 
  • Just like you, your pup needs regular brushing to prevent the buildup of plaque that causes bad breath. Important tip: only use toothpaste that’s specifically designed for dogs. 

  • Dental chews 
  • Your local pet store will have special dental chews that are designed to scrape the plaque and debris from your pup’s teeth. Look for ingredients like chlorophyll, cinnamon and clove. 

  • Schedule professional cleans 
  • Every few months you should take your pup to the vet for a professional clean. This is an important way to keep an eye on any dental issues and nip them in the bud. Your vet will also be able to rule out other causes of bad breath such as diabetes and kidney disease. 

  • Add parsley to food 
  • Parsley is a natural breath freshener. Add a small amount to your pup’s food for best results. 

  • Ask about probiotics 
  • Bad breath can sometimes be due to an imbalance of bacteria in the mouth and digestive tract. Ask your vet about using probiotics to redress this imbalance. 


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