How A Calming Dog Bed Works

A Guide to Calming Dog Beds in Australia: How They Work

 You might have heard about calming dog beds before and wondered how they work. Calming dog beds give a feeling of security and safety to your dog. They also emulate the feeling of cuddling up with their mum. As a result, these anti-anxiety dog beds help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety among our beloved pets. So to give your pup the most comfortable and relaxed life possible, calming beds could be your secret weapon!


Emulating A Cuddle With Their Mum

The reason calming dog beds are so popular is that they emulate the feel of their mother. If you buy the right one, it will be made from faux fur and feel just like their mothers warm fur. When dogs are born, they first experience comfortable sleep by cuddling up with their mum and siblings. Calming dog beds emulate that feeling, with beautiful fur-like materials for them to cuddle up. For your pup, it’s absolute comfort!


Can You Wash Calming Dog Beds?

You can’t wash all calming dog beds, and that can be a problem. Unfortunately, dog beds don’t end up smelling great after a while. So, clean them regularly to keep them smelling fresh. Luckily, being Australia’s best pet beds Pupnaps come with completely removable, machine washable cover. You can even give them a quick vacuum if your dog leaves a few crumbs from all their treats!


Take Your Dog’s Favourite Bed Anywhere

Once you see how much your dog loves its new bed, you’ll want to take it everywhere. Dogs often have a hard time dealing with stressful situations. One way to ease that stress is to choose a calming dog bed you can take anywhere. If you’re going away for the weekend or visiting friends, you can make it easy on your dog. Simply take your pet bed with you, and no matter where you are, your pup will be comforted.


Several Different Styles To Choose From

Best of all, you’ve got plenty of styles to choose from. So, you’ll be able to get the perfect match for your pup. You can find calming dog beds made from orthopaedic memory foam, bamboo and a range of other fur-like materials. You can even get different colours to match your home’s décor. Happy pup, happy family!


Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety With Pupnaps

Pupnaps offers your dog a calming, relaxing solution to their anxiety. If your dog is stressed, sleeping poorly, or simply not comfortable at night, you need a Calming Dog Bed from Pupnaps.

When you want the best calming dog bed in Australia, look no further than Pupnaps. They’re machine-washable, super comfortable and can even be beneficial in addressing your dog’s behavioural issues. To give your dog the best life possible, give them a relaxing sleep every night. Shop now, and find out why so many dog owners are raving about Pupnaps.




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