Dog Ramp

Does Your Dog Need a Ramp?


Is your dog struggling to jump as they age?. Perhaps your dog is too big and heavy to carry in and out of your car. Or maybe you’re worried about your small dog injuring themselves when they jump off your bed (you’ll be surprised how common footpad and sprain injuries are in small dogs)? Investing in a dog ramp will help keep your pup happy, help them to climb onto a couch or bed with ease, and make your life a whole lot easier! 

In the handy guide below we run you through 4 hints it may be time for you to invest in a dog ramp.

Training your pup to use a dog ramp is simple and some dogs will take to a ramp instantly. If not, be sure to provide plenty of treats and encouragement and soon enough your dog will be happy to use a ramp.

Hint #1: Your dog isn’t a ‘spring chicken’ anymore

Just as humans age and certain activities become harder, it’s the same with your pup. 

Where your dog may have easily jumped up onto a couch or bed when they were a pup, as they begin to get older you may see them begin to struggle to perform the same action. 

One of the best ways to reduce wear and tear on older dog joints and keep them comfortable is to place a dog ramp in places where they usually like to jump. 

Hint #2: Your dog has chronic joint issues

Some dog breeds are susceptible to joint issues like arthritis.  

If your dog suffers from arthritis or other joint issues, regular jumping up and down can cause pain and place stress on the back and leg joints. If your dog does suffer from arthritis, a dog ramp can dramatically improve their quality of life.

Hint #3: You own a cute-as-a-button small dog 

Smaller dog breeds, like pugs, jack Russells, beagles and dachshunds are susceptible to Intervertebral Disc Degeneration (or IVDD for short). This is a genetic back/spine disease linked to the disproportionate amount of weight on the frame of smaller dog breeds.  

We all know small dogs love to jump around, but a dog ramp could help reduce IVDD symptoms later in your pups life.

Hint #4: You own a large dog that’s too heavy to carry or lift up 

f you have trouble lifting your ‘Beethoven’ into the back of your car then it’s a pretty good sign that you need a dog ramp. Good news is you can purchase dog ramps that are suitable for large dogs, too. A large dog ramp can make your life easier by training your dog to walk up the ramp and into your car or onto a couch. 

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